Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery

Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery 1.0

Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery allows you to recover lost files

Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery allows you to recover lost files. It can recover any file from digital media such as CDs, DVDs, hard drives, flash drives and memory cards. It has good filtering options, which make the process relatively faster, and a normal preview system.

As it is often the case with this type of apps, the trial does not allow you to save the files that are recoverable, but you do get a good look of what can be recovered and what can't. The first thing you need to do when you run this app is tell it what to scan. I found the wording of that first screen a little confusing, because it didn't ask for a drive letter, but for a media type. It is way easier to simply tell it to look for files in E:. But that is not a big deal. After that, you are taken to a screen where you select the file types that you want to search for. I carried out a search for JPG files on a memory card. I got lots and lots of results of files that I had deleted from it. After the scan is done, you can preview the pictures by double clicking on them one by one. This takes time when there are lots of pictures, but at least you are given the option.

All in all, this app performed quite well. I would change the wording on the first screen and make the preview of pictures a little more intuitive, perhaps allowing the user to browse pictures by using the arrow keys.

José Fernández
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  • Good filtering options
  • It is fast and can recover files well


  • Wording on the drive selection screen
  • The preview of images could be easier
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